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The Playful Tangler

Tangle Challenge Packs

Tangle Challenge Packs

⭐️ Are you interested in expanding your Zentangle art?

💛 Do you struggle knowing what tangles to draw?
🧡 Would you like some Tangling inspiration?
💜 Are you looking to challenge your creativity?

The Playful Tanglers 'Challenge' packs provides 10 different prompts for you to deep dive into one Tangle.

See what artwork you can create when you take a well-known and/or well-loved tangle and create (at least) 10 different versions of it! 

🎨 What does the 'Challenge Pack' contain?

  • 1 x 'Challenge' Bookmark containing 10 different tangling prompts 
  • 1 x 10-sided Die.  Roll the dice to see what your next challenge is 
  • 10 x 'Challenge' Bijou Tiles, each with a tangling prompt on the back
  • 5 x Original Square (3.5") tiles 
  • 4 x Bijou (2") square tiles
  • 1 x Watercolour Bijou tile 


🎨 What Tangles are featured in the Challenge Packs?

Each pack focuses on only one Tangle so that you can creatively explore that tangle in detail.

Current packs are available for the Tangles:

💛 'Bales' by Zentangle HQ

💜 'Crescent Moon' by Zentangle HQ

💚 'Hollibaugh' by Zentangle HQ

💙 'Primtemps' by Zentangle HQ


🎨 How to use the 'Challenge Pack?'

Roll the dice, and check the bookmark to see what your Zentangle challenge is.

Draw your tangle based on the prompt given, using the tiles included, or your own art supplies

🎲 Roll and repeat 


Draw in the prompted style written on the back of the 10 challenge bijou tiles


*Picture is for illustrative purposes only

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